Price by Design E-Decorating FAQs

 How long will it take to get my completed room E-decorating project?
You will receive your completed room E-decorating project via email approximately within (4-6) weeks from our receipt of all needed items (questionnaire, payment, room dimension diagrams, photos,). All digital boards will be emailed in a PDF downloadable and printable file. All links for proposed purchases will be active.

 How can you re-design my property without seeing it personally or meeting me face to face?
The advances of technology over the last two decades have made it possible for just about everyone to work remotely. Interior design is no different. With digital photos and videos, we can exchange information virtually. To allow Price by Design to accurately understand your budget, space, needs and the look you want to achieve, we will ask that you to complete our client questionnaire in as much detail as possible, provide us a rough sketch of the room measurements, photos of your existing space, and any inspiration photos. The more info you send all the better we get to know you and your style preferences.

 Can some of my existing furniture pieces be incorporated in the design plan?
Of course. Sustainable design is a big catch phrase in our industry these days. That means we do not throw out things that are perfectly good particularly if it is something we love. It is important to our environment to make use of what we already have. Not only does using the things you have make the project more affordable, this makes the finished project more personalized. We will need measurements and photos of the pieces you would like to keep.

 If I have an open floor plan and two rooms are combined, which room do I select first?
We strongly suggest you purchase an E-decorating plan for both spaces. Spaces open to one another tend to feel like a single space, and it's not possible to truly transform the look without taking into consideration everything your eye sees in its single view. But if your budget only allows for one space at a time, pick the one most used by everyone, or the one most important to you.

 Do you work within the budget given to spend on the plan you've designed?
Having a budget gives us a starting place when selecting products. It saves us both time. And in the end you will be happier with our work if we stay within your budget. Of course, if you want items from designer vendors only, expect to spend more. But that one special designer item can give your project that special "designer" look. Budgets can be all inclusive of all required items to make a cohesive design. Or they can be minimal by utilizing things you already have. It's important to be realistic in your expectations as they relate to your budget.

 Will I be able to purchase the items you select directly?
Yes! A number of home furnishing retailers have an online presence, enabling us to provide you with a shopping list full of items which you can purchase on your own. Your completed E-Decorating project will include a thorough list of resources and suggested purchases with active links for all items.

 Will you make changes to my plan if I don't like something you've selected?
You will have an opportunity to review your initial Mood Board and make changes at that time.

 Other online decorating services promise completed projects in a matter of days. Why does yours take so long?
To use an analogy an experienced designer once offered, brewed coffee takes longer than instant coffee and brewed tastes better. We do not practice "instant coffee" design. Each project is unique and we approach it that way. We do not have prepared "cookie cutter" designs we use over and over again for a quick turn over.

 Once I have my plan, am I able to ask follow-up questions?
Once your project is completed, we supply 2 weeks of e-mail support for incidental additions or changes. After the two weeks of e-mail support, our obligations for your project are fulfilled.

 What happens if I wait to purchase an item, and then it's no longer available?
Everything has a beginning and an end, so we cannot offer our customer's unlimited support for actions out of our control. We cannot be responsible for what may or may not be available if you wait more than a month or two to make your purchases. Nor do we have any control of a manufacturers inventory. We do commit to you, all items we select for you when we make the selections will be part of active inventory of the respective store.

 Can I purchase an "E-decorating Room Package" as a gift?
Absolutely! Our E-decorating room packages are fabulous housewarming, newlywed gifts, and much more.

 Do you offer any other services besides the "E-decorating Room Package"?
Yes! We offer help with selecting color palettes, room layouts, wall accessory elevations with dimensions, and full room renderings. Please see our Home page for more information and to make purchases.

 What locations do you offer E-decorating services to?
Our online E-decorating services are offered throughout the US. At this time we do not offer online services elsewhere.

Price by Design strives to provide outstanding service to each of our clients and it's our goal is to make every effort to create a product that you will be happy with. E-decorating services are non-refundable due to the nature of the work.

 Is E-decorating right for me?
If you would like a professionally designed space but prefer to implement the design plan on your own as your budget and timeframe allows, E-decorating is the perfect answer. E-decorating can also be great for those of us on a less than ample budget. Another plus is you get to take 100% of the credit for the completed design.

 How do you get to know my style preference, etc.?
Through our questionnaire, any Pinterest boards and/or inspiration photos, and communicating with you through email.

 How do we communicate?
After the questionnaire is completed, email will be our main way we will communicate for your project.

 When do I submit payment?
After you submit your questionnaire, an invoice and a link to Pay Pal to make payment will be sent to you.

 Is there any follow-up after I receive my E-decorating package?
We definitely want you to love your design package, and we are happy to give any additional information or explanation if needed via e-mail for 2 weeks after you receive the completed E-decorating package. Occasionally, clients would like additional help with purchasing and we are available to assist with this part of the process at an additional fee to be determined. We would love to see your progress and completed space and possibly feature it on our website so follow-up photos are always welcome.